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Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services

Project Funding

Project funding advice and presentation.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies and development appraisals for all types of building and civil engineering projects.

Cost Planning

Stock investing can help your portfolio by providing potential growth, income from dividends or a combination.

Tender Documentation

Preparation of contract documents, contract drafting and analysis. Preparation of bills of quantities, schedules of work and schedules of rates. Advice on tendering procedures and preparation of tender evaluation and analysis reports.

Forms of Contract

Advice on contract procurement routes to suit individual requirements from traditional forms of contract, to design and build, management contracting and forms for nominated/domestic; sub-contractors.

Contract Administration

Preparation of interim certificates. Valuation of variations and agreement of final accounts. Preparation of supplier and sub-contract enquiries and settlement of accounts. Level surveys, cost value engineering and management reports.

Design & Build

Cost advice, assistance with the preparation of Employer’s requirements and assessment of contractor’s proposals. Employer’s representative, cost control and site administration.

Project Management

Full project management services complete with computerised planning techniques can be provided by staff well versed in the construction process, whether full or intermittent involvement.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)

Advise on the nature and type of PPP most appropriate. Preparation of PPP procurement document for the selection of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the driving forward of the adopted PPP model, and for checking the financial models and holding discussions with the stakeholders.

Maintenance and Property Management

Schedules of dilapidations, maintenance surveys and planned maintenance reports. Feasibility budgets and cost advice. Costs in use calculations.


A practical overview on all contracts, however large or small, assess the risks and their practicality of operation by project staff. The number of parties involved in construction and engineering, all requiring contracts, requires an in depth understanding and appreciation of both legal and practical problems. We can provide assistance with drafting, negotiation, interpretation or advice on any problem arising from standard or non-standard contracts

Value Engineering

Conducting a pre-production study to ensure that materials purchased, manufactured or used in construction achieve a function at the lowest cost without affecting quality – to get the best value at the lowest cost.

Disputes and Claims

Claims cost money, but our timely advice can reduce the risk of claims being made. Regular monthly surgeries, to discuss, advise and appraise, are a contributory factor to (Total Quality Management) TQM. Should a claim arise, we provide an initial assessment before we undertake preparation, defence, evaluation and/or negotiation of either contractual or tortious claims, whether under standard forms or not. Advice is given on heads of claim, liquidated damages, extensions of time, disruption, loss of productivity, overheads, loss of profit, financing charges and expert evaluation of the potential risks associated therewith.

Expert Reports

We provide expert reports on most building, construction and engineering matters. Including claims evaluation, defective work, building failures, professional negligence, product liability claims, insurance, valuation of the works, contractual positions. We attend conferences with counsel and give evidence at both arbitration and litigation hearings.


Our team investigate and report on professional negligence on matters of design, management, and administration, liability of contracts, sub-contractors and suppliers in regard to defective work, design and materials.


Investigations, reports on viability and/or performance of contracts can he undertaken to provide a critical appraisal of a company. We also help with valuation of work in progress, costs of outstanding works, negotiation of contracts, preparation of novation or assignments, collection of monies due, preparation of defence of claims and practical advice for the completion of projects.

Quality Management

To assist in the development and commitment to TQM we provide a variety of services to augment your existing management team. Seminars/training programmes can be devised and tailored to suit your individual needs to ensure staff are committed and aware of the up to date requirements.


Valuation of property for insurance purposes and assessments for fire damage and consequential loss claims. Professional Insurance liability claims assessed and valued with full reports and evidence at hearings.

Management Consultancy Services

Organizational Development

Design, analysis and development of organisational structures for optimal performance, team building and professional skills training.

Marketing Management

Strategic application of marketing techniques in a practical way to meet the organisational objectives. We provide analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to create, build, and maintain mutually beneficial exchanges with target markets. We as consultants have the task of influencing the level, timing, and composition of demand in way that will achieve organisational objectives.

Financial and Management Controls

Markets and competition can be compared to a storm on an open sea: the conditions can and do change inside of days. Consequently, navigation causes a lot of headaches in Management Control. Among the flood of indicators today it is a real challenge to identify the most critical for staying afloat. How do you know when to make the right decision at exactly the right point in time? Not to mention, Management Control Systems are often too inflexible, too focused on the past, and occasionally inflated and bureaucratic – not particularly effective when sailing in rough seas. The Management Control department must improve its performance to successfully steer the company through today’s turbulent environment – we are there to assist Clients in this regard.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the function within an organisation that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organisation. MEW is well equipped to assist organisations in their human resource management function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training.

Information Technology, e-Business and Operations

Examples of electronic business processes in which MEW can play a role when called upon are:
  • Production- focused processes include procurement, ordering, automated stock replenishment, payment processing and other electronic links with suppliers, as well as production control and processes more directly related to the production process.
  • Customer-focused processes include marketing, electronic selling, processing of customers orders and payments, and customer management and support
  • Internal or management-focused processes include automated employee services, training, information sharing, video conferencing, and recruiting.

Supply Chain Management

Design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance nationally and globally.